Jaw (TMJ) disorders


Activated over 2500 times a day,  the jaw ( Temporo Mandibular Joint /TMJ) is the most used joint in the body and it’s position is a missing link for a significant proportion of people with diverse symptoms ( musculo skeletal, neurological  and hormonal)

Temporo Mandibular Disorder (TMD) is believed to affect 30% of the population, with symptoms ranging from clicking and locking of the jaw, migraines and headaches, neck pain/restriction and bruxism. However, what is not widely recognised is that symptoms such as back and pelvic pain, poor concentration and coordination and hormonal  imbalance ( by affecting the regulation of the pituitary gland) can be intrinsically linked to a dysfunction of the TMJ. The TMJ and it’s  position is affected by many factors including our underlying dental health, lifestyle, injury , stress etc.

 Having undertaken innovative training with The OLab (Dental  practice and developmental team embracing a whole body approach to TMD ) we employ their techniques to  influence the soft tissue contribution to TMD which in the majority of cases will manage symptoms. Not only of importance to those who experience symptoms, this process will support individuals who use their voice extensively at work or at play. By enhancing alignment and muscular tensions, voice quality will improve; strains reduced.



















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