Additional approaches used in clinic

Auricular Acupuncture

Emmett Technique

Scar Release

Auricular acupuncture and acu/ear seeds: 


This approach can be used as a stand alone treatment or combined with other techniques available with Julia. It can be helpful to help manage symptoms relating to chronic conditions or support anxiety and depression as a short term option. 


Emmett Technique


A stand alone therapy but can be combined effectively with all others available with Julia. 
Emmett Technique is a form of acupressure therapy for musculoskeletal release effective for acute and chronic discomfort , restriction, mobility difficulties and injuries.  

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Scar treatments :


Scars may have a huge influence on our presenting problems. They can cause:


  • reduction in blood and lymph flow
  • restrictions in the fascia 
  • weaken muscular strength
  • reduce the flow of energy
  • inhibit joint movement



Scar release is a gentle and effective, natural way of working on scar tissue. It can help the scar and surrounding areas rapidly return to a more normal state.


It can be used, for example, for:


  • Caesarian section scars
  • Scars from joint replacements eg knee
  • Hysterectomy scars
  • Spinal surgery scars
  • Trauma scars such as those typically found on the knee
  • Head wound scars
  • Mastectomy scars 
  • Amputation scars
  • Underlying scar tissue from laparoscopic surgery 
  • Scars from burns



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